Our Training courses


Soft Competences - do chilren develop them at school?

Why are they important, how to teach and use them in the educational

process, ways of measuring, good practices from Polish school


Teacher competences in the universal didactic process?

How to communicate effectively, enhance creativity, organise teamwork, polish schools experiences


Artistic methods of working with students

Using sound, drama, painting and other cognitive methods on the example of art schools 


Family financial education in school

How to teach children finance effectively, how to use its elements in different subjects


Disinformation as a threat in children's teaching.

How to recognize and react to it, how to implement algorithms to prevent the reproduction of fake news

We organize


  • internships

  • job shadowing

  • study visits

  • monitoring visits

  • preparatory visits

  • courses


according to the project schedule, the skills of the beneficiaries and with a close cooperation with host companies.

International mobility of students, teachers and staff for educational purposes


to become innovative

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